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 All Categories    Sand Trap Model - A1008
All Categories > Sand Traps, Catch Basins & Steel Sump Basins > Item # A1008  

Item # A1008, Sand Trap Model A1008

  • 35 Cubic ft. Capacity
  • Shop tested with 3-PSI
  • Welding performed by a qualified welder. (A welder operator qualification test record per QW 484 provided.)
  • Corrosion resistant coating applied inside & out.
  • Cover rated for H-20 loading
  • Steel tank
  • Approx. wt. 800#

    Standard orientation
    Vent: 12:00
    Inlet: 3:00
    Outlet: 9:00

Specifications  · Options



35 cu. ft.

Inlet & Outlet Pipe Size

4 in

Approx. Weight

800 lbs

  • Larger Capacities Available
  • 6" Dia. or Larger Inlet and Outlet
  • Bolted and Gasketed Cover
  • Reinforced Cover for Forklift Traffic
  • Interior Ladder
  • Custom Invert Elevation as Required
  • Cast Iron Frame and Cover (Neenah Foundry Styles)
  • Anchor Ring (For Anchoring Tank Into The Finished Floor)
  • Hold Down Lugs

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A1008 Pic
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